February 21, 2021

Thanks for the help guys! Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. Beyond that, be sure to go to Windows Update and click Custom to pick up even the non-critical updates hardware updates in particular. When a program, or system crashes, or hangs, there is often a breadcrumb trail left behind. Reply Contact Sounds like a video overlay problem. Below is probably more than you need to know regarding my video card, which as I inferred above, worked just fine with the 7.

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Thu, Apr 19 Ageless Volunteer moderator Project aiw/vovo Send message Joined: We are all with you on that notification, but other than telling Adobe “gotcha! Reply Contact I have upgraded to 7.

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I have the same question 5. Guess it was on the Pinnacles Board It is ientered now. Please enter a title. How satisfied are you with this response? If not, i will just have to live with it!


There could also be problems with your source video. Reply Contact I think you ought to try a full clean and re-install of Liquid 7.

I notice that you’ve included the type of video that you’re working with. I will try to create for now more space on the C: But the new HFX “help, about” only speaks in terms of activation keys. I work with a HP xw Workstation no laptop.

John Send message Joined: So is there no opp app avalable that is v6 compatible with graphics?

AMD Maitnenace wensite is in maintenance Have you ensured that your project settings match your video’s dimensions and frame rate? Also go to Apple and make dwm you have the latest version of Quicktime. I’d recommend at least 30 gigs free, and that should be defragmented regularly.

Take a look at the HFX rendering settings. If all of that fails, you definitely should contact Adobe Tech Support. Its a vicious circle.


DirectX features issues: Harware Acceleration &/or D3DERR- notavailable

Unless that is what you meant by re-installing 7. Direct3D functionality not available. I have upgraded to 7. I know these GPUs are quitre old What ATI card do you have??

Hollywood FX Editor does not work in ? – Avid Community

After few searches found the two hints from Community and MS support: Sounds like a video overlay problem. Thanks again for your answer.

What type of camcorder is this video coming from? In all other effect windows that I have tried, including spicemaster 2.

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