September 14, 2020

It is not just software. This was the only way to buy it if you didn’t buy it with the laptop. I recently bought a Dell M You may download one driver software related to the product you purchased to update your PC’s driver software. They also have some USB global tuners.

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Downloading information from this Web site constitutes agreement with following terms and conditions. They also have some USB global tuners. It is not just software. This was the only way to buy it if you didn’t buy it with the laptop. PhazelessApr 1, Connect up to 5 devices per card and view any show from your phone or tablet.

Appropriately reference to source and proper acknowledgement therein are also required, such as to make a statement “AVerMedia is the registered trademark of AVerMedia Technologies Inc. All other products and brand names posted on this website are registered trademarks of the relevant companies, nanoexlress as “Microsoft” and “Windows” of Microsoft Corporation of the United States and “Intel” of Intel Corporation of the United States.

AVerMedia AVerTV Hybrid NanoExpress DVB-T

You must log in or dbv-t up to reply here. AVerMedia will keep your information and save a backup in the Web site database.


Your name or email address: Could you please confirm that this will allow me to watch Digital TV on a M? However, unauthorized use of this company’s software for commercial purposes is prohibited.

AVerMedia AVerTV Hybrid NanoExpress – LinuxTVWiki

If it does nanoepress, it is not likely to support other system. The Color Enhancement adjusts video quality and show the astonishingly sharp and vivid video color.

I believe all newer TV cards should be able to tune all the different types of TV signals, because you see the settings in software like Country, TV type, etc.

Basically, should I get this card or just not bother with it? JstnMar 18, I thought about getting this tuner at the time and I wish I did. I am thinking about getting this card with my m Avermedia does have an ExpressCard with global TV support.

Share This Xvb-t Tweet. I will let you know how the card does when I get it set up. AVerTV 3D provides you an intuitive user interface with frequent-used function buttons listed right on the toolbar. I recently bought a Dell M Do you already have an hybrir

You can easily switch channel, adjust volume, or watch the astonishing and immersive live 3DTV with one click, just like the same way you do with TV. These are analog outputs.

FujisawaGaijinMar 18, It is acknowledged that the original software drivers AVerMedia provides may be modified by various hardware manufacturers for the purpose of different hardware optimization. However, AVerMedia will not disseminate the contents of the information database to other individuals or companies. I donm’t know if this particular computer has “TV OUT” aermedia it does it will be an S-video out and that goes into an RCA cable which then connects to the input–audio will be separate from headphones out.


Yes, my password is: Can you also run a test and see if the tv tuner lags while playing a gaming console wii, ps2, whatever is available to you? Hybrd are some world tunner for laptop. If you have any technical problems after downloading the software, AVerMedia recommends users to ask for help directly from your PC manufacturers or distributors who sell the equipment or devices. You may obtain the License for the avermexia of product imagines, trademarks and logos of AVerMedia via contacting AVerMedia for detailed information.

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