June 13, 2020

Thanks for the clarification. We dont get the nice powdery snow man making snow. It may just become another play area for them. Out of somebody’s garbage I’m trying to get out of PWs Fri Feb 24, 2: Last edited by taz11 on Tue Mar 01,

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Last edited by taz11 on Mon Mar 05, Last edited by dozer on Sat Feb 26, 7: Thanks for the clarification.

If you’ve ever attempted to drive a PW in the snow These motors use the same bolts as the PW motors found in MF jeeps. I used M4 35mm Big box hardware store? Lots of stuff over there.

It either ices here or snows a watery mess that makes mud fast. Mon Jun 25, 3: My daughter was the same way first couple years of her life was always busting her face. Any ather module that ive seen causes the front to be excessively wide.


The diameter is listed on the BB site. Last edited by taz11 on Tue Mar 01, Last edited by dozer on Wed Mar 02, 1: Or did you find any in your searches.

With two motors you may be ok Out of somebody’s garbage I’m trying to get out of PWs I started out with some clear lexan scraps The part number is on them under the BaneBots sticker. Wed Feb 23, 4: In fact we just got the first snowfall of motr snow yesterday. They had them at Lowes in the specialty drawers.

Motors –

Did you also look at the front of the dune beetle and silverado. I googled it and ended up buying from a car moyor place.

They are advertised at watts at peak efficiency. The stock PW motors are under mn-m. Since they are 18 volt motors I installed them without heatsinks, just like they came out of the box. My wife says that my sister in law was the same way, I guess it comes honestly. Therefore there’s not as great a difference in temp between our tongues and hot stuff as there is our hands and hot stuff. I have no idea how stock stuff would hold up.


That would be my daughter “twinkle toes”. I looked at it this summer briefly but never got back to it. You can operate the relay with the stock pedal switch.

P60 for RS-300 motors

The pinionhowever, required some “tinkering”. A GraveDigger is somewhat difficult to mount the front gearboxes. Just let us know which forum you go to.

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