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The vendor makes no representations or warranties with respect to the contents here and specially disclaims any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for any purpose. Indicator light on keyboard does not turn on. Consult your system manufacturer. When connecting with wires onto connectors, please note that the red wire is the positive and should be connected to pin 2, and the black wire is Ground and should be connected to GND. System does not boot from hard disk 1. EXE under your optical drive. All the information and content above about the software are subject to be changed without notice.

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The actual information and settings on board may be slightly different from this manual. Provide the e-ma il address that you would like to send the copy to. Hold the CPU down firmly, and then close the lever toward direct B to complete the installation.

Gf810 CPU will fit only in the correct orientation. If the video adapter is an integrated part of the system board, the board may be faulty.


Save these in forma tion to a. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Send the mail out. Does not deliver any fault tolerance.

Write performance can be CPU intensive. Floppy Disk Connector The motherboard provides a standard floppy disk connector that supports K, K, 1. RAID 1 defines techniques for mirroring data. After the saving process, finish dialog will show. bkostar

Clear the CMOS data. Wi thout this information, you may not be able to send out the mail. Go to the following web http: Should one drive fail, the controller switches to the other drive. Optimizes for both fault tolerance and performance, allowing for automatic redundancy. Insert diskette in floppy drive A: System only boots from optical drive. The size of each block is determined by the stripe size parameter, which you set during the creation of the RAID set based on the system environment.

Performance is impaired during drive rebuilds. Re-install applications and data using backup disks. RAID 0 defines a disk striping scheme that improves disk read and write times for many applications.

Remove the power cord from power supply for seconds.

Biostar GF M2+ SE motherboard |

While the system boots up and the full screen logo shows, press key to enter BIOS setup. BIOS Update is boistar. Loose parts will cause short circuits which may damage the equipment.


The setup guide will list the software available for your system, click on each software title to launch the installation program.

Cannot boot system after installing 1.

Biostar GF8100 M2 SE 6.x Free Driver Download (Official)

Minimum 2, and maximum is up to 6 or 8. RAID 1 provides a hot-standby copy of data if the active volume or drive is fg8100 or becomes unavailable because of a hardware failure. Plug in the power cord and boot up the system.

Go to the website to download the latest BIOS file for the motherboard.

Shutting down or resetting the system while ethernrt the BIOS will lead to system boot failure. Reset your desired password or clear the CMOS data.

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