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You can define overrides of default or named configurations that apply only to pools of Connections authenticated for a particular user. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Sometimes client applications are sloppy about close ing all Connections they check out. The number of Connections increases whenever a Connection is requested by a user, no Connections are available, and the pool has not yet reached maxPoolSize in the number of Connections managed. If you wish to use a named configuration, construct your com. But if tasks sometimes hang indefinitely, you can use this parameter to force a call to the task thread’s interrupt method if a task exceeds a set time limit. After constructing a PooledDataSouce with a named configuration, be sure to update dataSourceName to some new, unique value befoe constructing a second DataSource with the same named configuration.

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ConnectionCustomizers are required to be immutable classes with public no argument constructors. This is a JavaBean-style class with a public, no-arg constructor, but before you use the DataSource, you’ll have to be sure to set at least the property jdbcUrl.

Ok solved the problem! Using the name you provide, c3p0 will create an empty table, and make a simple query against it to test the database.

Databases and JDBC drivers vary widely in this respect. In its default configuration, c3p0 does no Connection testing at all. Sign up at http: Cannot resolve reference to bean ‘liferayHi bernateSessionFactory’ while sujtable constructor argument; nested exception is org. It will work even with very old JDBC drivers. Use this temporarily in combination with debugUnreturnedConnectionStackTraces to figure out where Connections are being checked-out that don’t make it back into the pool!


If as is usually the case the c3p0 libraries will be locally available to the JNDI service, leave this set as null. Normally, c3p0’s configuration information is placed in a either a c3p0-config. Even a Connection which has not been much idle will be purged from the pool if it exceeds maxConnectionAge.

When you instantiate a c3p0 PooledDataSourcewhether via the ComboPooledDataSource constructor or via the DataSources factory class, you can supply a configuration name.

When c3p0 starts up, it emits the build-time values of debug and trace, along with the version and build time. Also, feel free to join and ask questions on the c3p0-users mailing list. Configuration values in a reference. This parameter determines the period. The point suktable Connection pooling is to bear the cost of acquiring a Connection only once, and then to reuse the Connection many, many times.

Advanced users can also define other strategies for organizing the number and names of loggers by setting sutable variable to the fully-qualified class name of a custom implementation of the com.

The right way to address this problem is to fix the client application. C3P0 used to use reflective, dynamic proxies. This page location is: Occasionally it is useful to override the default values of standard Connection properties such as transactionIsolationholdabilityor readOnly.


Thread of c3p0-spawned Threads is determined. Zero the default means tasks are never interrupted, which is the best and safest policy under most circumstances. Place c3p0’s jar file in the lib directory of your jboss server instance e.

[RESOLVED] DB2 eption: No suitable driver – Forums – Liferay Community

In order to implement automatic cleanup of unclosed ResultSets and Statements when parent resources are returned to pools, all client-visible ConnectionsResultSetsStatements are really wrappers around objects provided by an underlying unpooled DataSource or “traditional” JDBC driver.

Consult your Oracle documentation for more details. If you define your own ConnectionTester, it must implement the QueryConnectionTester interface for this parameter to be useful.

This is a terrible setting, leave it alone unless absolutely necessary. If set to a nozero value, unreturned, checked-out Connections that exceed this limit will be summarily destroyed, and then replaced in the pool.


A c3p0 pool typically uses just one ConnectionTester to test all of its Connections, often concurrently. Users of c3p0 jboss support prior to c3p Determines which library c3p0 will output log messages to.

Turn on more accessible mode.

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