June 11, 2020

I am looking for a good golf club set for my daughter , she is about 5 feet tall. The driver has a big oversized cc head with 13 degrees of loft. That is until you get more consistent with your golf swing, then move to the big stick. You can always replace the staff later. Is there a newer version coming out? Thank you so much.

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My girls are playing golf 9 and 10 and they love it… so we decided to go to the course with them… I just got a new set from ebay.

calalway Hi I am looking for a good golf club set for my daughtershe is about 5 feet tall. For you beginners, I would recommend a mallet style putter like the one that comes in this set with a big alignment aid. Unfortunately, when I was picking up the game, they didn’t have hybrids.

Callaway Solaire 2018 Ladies Right Hand Golf Package

Actually, that’s cegree good news and the bad news all rolled into one because when you buy these complete sets you are almost always giving up some quality. Last summer I shot a birdie on a par 3 with these clubs — my first ever! I have looked at solare sets… there is very little difference except the price, the Solaire II is a little less… but they are both great sets.

I recommend you visit your local shop and get fitted for either.


Callaway Solaire Golf Club Set of 14 | Includes cc Driver, Hybrid, Wood, Putter & Stand Bag

Putters are pretty personal, and you should spend some callawxy picking out a good one that fills you with confidence. You can always replace the staff later. I found this set brand new on eBay.

What I can say is this: Thank you for the suggestion.

You might find this article of interest:. Which one is the newer clubs? This 14 piece complete set is especially designed for the recreational golfer who is looking for a well balanced set of clubs that will work across the entire golf course.

The detachable pocket can be used for valuables you may want to take into the clubhouse later…. Comments Have your say about callawy you just read!

I think you are on the right track looking at Callaway golf clubs. Review Callaway Gems Glove Series: The Solaire has been out for a couple of years deree gets great reviews.

A lot of companies are having clubs manufactured over seas, but they are quality checked and assembled here.

Callaway Solaire Review – Ladies Golf Clubs

I love them, but there is a serious void with no 3 iron. Between these 2 sets witch one has beteer review Solaire Callsway or Gems? I started playing this season, and these are the clubs I purchased. Looking for clubs as a gift? The best advice I can give is to have you contact a local Callaway club fitter.

Callaway Golf Solaire Driver HT (13°) Graphite Ladies RH

If your daughter is committed to playing the game, it would be worth the investment, but if she is unsure, you might want to try a less expensive set just to get her started. Discovering a Golf Gem in Plymouth. And let us know how you like them. They are primarily callawaay at beginning and high-handicap women golfers and feature higher lofts, lighter grips, lighter club heads and lighter shafts than many other golf clubs.


Jean… The only thing I can figure is that Callaway thought the 3 wood would be a good substitute for the 3 iron… I was fitted for the Callaway X set a year or so ago and the 3 was not included….

I believe the Solaire Gems are the newer club set… http: It comes with everything you need to play except for your shoes, gloves, balls and tees. And let me know how it goes.

The Solaire ll is a great set as well. ZipGolfer may receive a small commission from our partner should you choose to purchase this item Talk about one stop shopping… with this set you have everything you need to walk straight out to the 1st tee.

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