August 11, 2020

It even has a 3. The latter version would be preferred for a full-faced helmet like our Shoei, but the boom worked just fine when we bent it up into the helmet and then ran the speaker wires under the padding. The following window will open. Garmin zumo and HTC Touch After initiating a stereo music stream from the zumo to the G4, I stopped it and started the media player on the Touch, but it was obvious the two devices were conflicting. There are A and B buttons for changing intercom channels and you can press and hold them for things like setting an FM station or connecting to a headset. Riding a motorcycle is a very noisy activity and this headset does an admirable job of killing all that and delivering only your voice through. There are two problems with this, the first one being that the other person never hears the first thing you say.

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On the second Click-To-Link initiation, the other G4 beeped once and a voice link was established with an imperceptible delay — neat. Always check before purchasing. Please read the brief instructions on how to proceed to first use and close the window.

Cardo Scala Rider G4 Software Upgrade Version Report – webBikeWorld

From my perspective, the FM tuner has found new life with this release. Starting the player on the iTouch resulted in stereo audio pushed out to the headset. This should minimize shortfalls experienced under earlier software versions. This is another new and very welcome feature that allows users to change and customize their G4 settings without the need for a computer.

The zumo connection was subsequently lost. It will show you which buttons to press on the pop-up windows during the installation and configuration process. Wrap-up We do have a few complaints about the Scala Rider G4, most of which could be addressed by some sort of thumb-accessible controls on the left grip, but overall we left feeling quite impressed.


While that MSRP is certainly not cheap it is in-line with competing products and we left feeling its performance and relative ease of use make the G4 a solid contender.

But until the fardo get used on the road it is hard to assess how totally effective this adjustability will be. Cardo will be adding more languages as well in the future. This now allows the Scala Rider G4 to provide parallel A2DP connectivity with a dedicated music device and a compatible mobile phone.

We’ll get this out of the way up front: Out of the box For our testing, Scala provided a set of two G4 headsets; helpful because one of the primary advances here is boosted range for headset-to-headset communications. Save file on your desktop. They have also solved the bug in Intercom mode that sometimes typically caused the first syllable or word not to be heard.

We couldn’t even get to a half-mile before we lost cardl but that was with some trees in the way and, honestly, that’s plenty far for most situations. Screen shots of the Cardo Personal Computer software application. If you travel light on the road or just want the direct configuration approach, this is it.

Cardo Scala Rider G4 Powerset Bluetooth – 2 Riders

A better all-in-one PC twist. Tuning is fast and clarity is excellent with or without RDS activated. The flat, Velcro-backed speakers are plenty loud and the volume ramps up as the background noise does, enough to hear even through earplugs. Click Here to download the software upgrade for the scala rider G4 for snowmobiles ver 3.


Cardo Scala Rider G4 Intercom

The settings are not well explained though and there are no examples in the updated manual, whereas the release notes provide one example. By default the headset disconnects after 30 seconds of silence and scqla reconnects you after you speak a word. I have not evaluated this with an iPhone yet, but other mobile phones tested, including two smart phones, worked flawlessly in transitioning from Intercom to music streaming.

The occasional distortion noise on an Intercom call was also cagdo.

The Automatic Gain Control or AGC feature allows users to now select one of the three sensitivity levels for optimal audio performance based on personal needs and riding conditions.

There are two problems with this, the first one being that the other person never hears crdo first thing you say. A few seconds later you’re good to go.

For software upgrades of other products go to the Cardo Community Click Here to download the software upgrade for the scala rider G4 for snowmobiles ver 3. If the user or listener hears a station of interest during the automatic scan-stop-listen-resume process, they only need to tap the Volume Up button again to interrupt the scan and keep that station tuned.

Typically, the first device needed to be paired again. Also, they fixed the secured seamless crado to A2DP playback after an Intercom call when using an iPhone. Find Scalla Product Search for:

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