June 6, 2020

I have verified it still compiles and boots with this “change”. Apart from kinda freaking me out, the analysis which led to this decision becomes untrue with later patches. The calling process will either go away or try again. The chosen types are a result of dicussions with the various arch maintainers. Just my opinion but I thought I’d share it with you.

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It does not change the code but makes it easier to read. The code will now only do speculative allocation if we are writing beyond the current allocation eof. I’m not proud of it but it should work. The fix is trivial. Also avoid code duplication in one if statement.

Better would to disallow it, until Terrence Ripperda’s PAT framework is getting merged, that can avoid these problems. No functional change, but makes the code simpler and clearer.

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These are not needed, the m68k asm code for these scc is ColdFire clean. While this is happening, another CPU comes in and tries to write a different 1k block to the “disk”. Thanks to Christian Hilberg for noting this. Siddha Convert sibling map on x to cpumasks. It also allows us to change the domains at runtime without much more work.


Implement readdir and friends for directory lookup for late mounting.

Compile tested only due to lack of proper test setup. This will confuse some DVB i2c busses. Hackbench in fact had a non linear element which is all but eliminated. This handles empty nodes! Andi Kleen has reviewed the changes.

audioo And it doesn’t do “global” suspend of root hub. It defaults to the number of processors. Doesn’t anyone build their patches anymore before sending them out Anonymous pages originate in one mm, but may be forked into another mm of the bundle later on.

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My usb1 stuff seems to work though. As soon as something is written, the watchdog timer stops. Note that as the offset and whole response is known to be 4byte-aligned, the offset pointer will never be split over two pages. Michael has tested the 7Hi and it’s definitely unnecessary. This xevice provided as a separate patch so that the overhead of the additional argument can be measured cc isolation.


The effect is that if a dnotify is set against the autofs root, when the autofs daemon creates the directory, a dnotify event will be sent to the originating process. Updated patch with comments from hch and Valdis. The following scenarios discuss the race conditions: It was not initialized, so the mechanism was not functional. G4 and G5 processorsthe altivec floating-point instructions can operate in two modes: I’m unable to test any of the changes, but at least they compile all right except that I didn’t even try to compile the pwc driver since it’s marked BROKEN.

Issue found on Xscale HW that doesn’t handle cache syncs auto- matically. It can’t be used for enforcing any ordering that a device will see, because it is just a gcc barrier on UP.

Now that is fixed. Surprisingly I haven’t hit this, but here’s a fix.

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