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On all other paper advance plotters, the wind-on is by a half-page or full-page full page only on gB The Linux version uses Xlib and the well established Motif interface, to achieve a close equivalent. W interacter uses meaningful names for all of its subroutines, instead of cryptic 6 character names. The W interacter library contains several hundred Fortran callable routines, covering a wide range of GUI functionality:. Both bit and bit Linux platforms are supported. Minimal set of message event types which need to be processed, including: We recommend W interacter for new development.

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An extensive set of Fortran 9x W interacter example programs are also provided. Please use email to submit support enquiries, since this allows rapid and efficient exchange of supporting material and solutions. Does W interacter require the use of callbacks? Installation directory selection Licence agreement confirmation Sub-directory creation Start menu group creation Desktop shortcut creation Environment variable assignment Filetype association Execution of an external program e.

For example, it has been used successfully to convert help files created in Microsoft Word.


Before doing so, please note the following: PNG provides compression on a par with the GIF format, is not subject to licencing limitations and supports bit colour. The following configuration settings can be made to alter the default handshaking and file format:.


Files can be viewed linus Netscape 4. Recommendations for where to obtain compatible versions are provided in the W interacter documentation. Many others have welcomed our move to a standard they were already utilising. All keyboard, mouse, menu and dialog events are reported through this mechanism. Each Absoft-compatible version of W interacter supports both This cumbersome model has been superseded in most non-Fortran products by the use of visual design aids. A 451 based programming model makes this possible.

As an added bonus, PlotConv can be redistributed with W interacter based applications.

Binary versions of Open Motif are available for download and are included in several major Linux distributions. SetupEd is an installation script editor. Fedora 5 or later. What are resources and how do they work? How readable is W interacter code?

HPGL Series Plotters

Registered users may submit bug reports and other W interacter related enquiries to this service. The Win32 Fortran 95 compiler which shipped previously as LF95 5. The ED Text Editor subroutine will also prove useful when upgrading such code. Development of this implementation has now ceased.


Aertia – Winteracter

Various installation functions are supported, including: Before doing so, please note the following:. Paper Advance A call to gNewDrawing or gCloseDevice will automatically wind the paper on or select a new sheet of paper on all plotters with this facility. Absoft Pro Fortran Both bit and bit Linux platforms are supported.

Technical support was withdrawn in August Generic lower-left origin plotter. The LF90 W interacter library can also be called from programs compiled with Elf90, since both compilers are based on the same technology. Graphics Does W interacter offer more than basic graphics primitives? SetupEd and the generic installer are supplied with the Windows version of W interacter. Hewlett Packard with A4 Paper. Support for GNU gfortran is included with all Windows W interacter licences, in addition to the primary version for the selected commercial Fortran compiler.

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