November 23, 2020

Sharp Electronics Corporation and its suppliers. Note that you cannot check the job properties or hold a job with an error. Application This manual has been issued by More information. Relative Colorimetric provides a close match to the CMYK device being simulated, regardless of the media used. If you experience problems printing EPS files with Downloader, you can print the file directly from the application in which you created it. Apply impositions to variable data jobs. For more information about this function, see Utilities.

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With the Scan plug-in module, you can scan an image from the copier glass directly into TWAIN compliant application software on your computer. Select Yes to enable printing with the IPP. The following requirements and constraints apply: You can also use it to view job accounting information. If the file you are printing includes transfer functions, the Fiery Downloader Brightness option has no effect.

To select multiple sequential files Windowsselect the first file and then Shift-click the last file. HP Easy Printer Care. For information about setting up a Windows computer for Windows printing, see Printing from Windows. It provides additional flexibility by allowing job tracking and management from multiple platforms over the Internet or an intranet.

Select Yes if network permissions require that you log in to browse the NDS tree and see the Print Server object you want to select. The information in this guide is subject to change for.

Users must then enter their group name and password when they print. If more than one Fiery X3eTY print connection is published for example, if both the Print queue and the Hold queue are publishedconsider creating a printer for each print connection, so that users can print to each v.01 directly.


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You can also configure the Fiery X3eTY to select the frame type automatically. 50c-k cannot download TrueType fonts. A job row that appears in light red indicates that an error occurred while printing the job. Network Management Utility Network Management Utility Foreword Welcome Network Management Utility is utility software that provides central control over printers, copiers, and other devices on a network. You can set up a 50cc-km of eight file server connections.

If you can print a Test Page but still cannot print a document from a remote computer, contact the network administrator to troubleshoot your network connection. Choose Enter Login Name to enter your own login name and password or log in as a guest.

IP address filtering and port filtering To restrict unauthorized connections to the Fiery X3eTY, you can permit only users whose IP addresses are within a defined range.

Fiery X3eTY 50C-KM PS v2.01 eu Drivers Download

When you select the jobs and apply the Print command, batches of jobs with similar options are printed together. Connect the Fiery X3eTY to the network. Open the selected held raster data job in the Thumbnail A window, where you can view a fullscreen preview of the job, edit the job, or merge it b2.01 raster data from other jobs. Before using the Fiery X3e Color Server with version 1.


To move pages to a new position, drag until a blue highlight appears in the desired position, and then release the mouse button. Select the showpage option only if an EPS file fails to print without it.

Terminology and conventions This manual uses the following terminology and conventions.

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Icon Active jobs white icons and rows PostScript or raster data headed for printing top or after printing bottom Jobs on hold yellow icons and rows PostScript data headed for Print and Hold or job on Hold after printing Hold Printer icons Raster icon PostScript and raster data after printing, ready for fast reprint PostScript data already rasterized and held Spool area The job icons in the Spool area are as follows: For example, in the address the domain name is test.

Hold, process, and print jobs. Relative Colorimetric provides a close match to the CMYK device being simulated, regardless of the media used. If it succeeds, it skips to the NetWare Print Server option.

The user must then enter the password at the Fiery X3eTY to print the job. When you unfold the sheet, observe that the fold lines cross three scales on three sides of the page.

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