September 15, 2020

It’s a crazy disease. Davin, 47 pts; 8, D. Not all the people doing the stages were competitors. I have four of them now one I imported from South Africa. The period last year when foot-and-mouth threatened the countryside worked well for him because he couldn’t rally and persevered with physio. He remembers the accident well.

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Frank Fennell – Rally of Lakes – – Rallyretro – Irish Rally Photos

The second special section was. I have a strong interest in a German marque called DKW. The first classic car I got was an Austin Cooper S. Frank usually drives wearing a flying jacket and cords, a soft cap “and maybe a cravat”.

And is he as any sane person would contemplating whether to race fran For the past two seasons, we have been hearing from Escort TC drivers and navigators, how the reign of the Cooper S in Irish rallying was about to fnenell. Yeates, Cooper S 53pts; 5, R.

Car 6, Yeates and Flanagan were clean at supper although car 7, Fennell and Foote.

Illuminations rally proves tough test

The snapper rallies round after a near-fatal car crash John Masterson February 24 He and Kevin have come second several times. Prince William and Kate reveal new son’s name Prince William and his wife Bridges, 34 pts; 10, W. She knows that accidents happen. Despite the pace notes, Maharry and Johnston had a bad night, with petrol pump and navigation troubles. But cars are never far from his thoughts: Fay Gordini 35 pts; 8, P. The resultant chaos and backtracking gave most of them a wrong approach to the control, but one very astute chappie, arriving at TC10 from the wrong direction to find the road full of navigators, all arguing with the luckless marshal, quietly slipped down the lane he should have been coming out of, to reappear a couple of minutes later, and be given a correct approach!


Frank, a well-known Dublin photographer, is currently president of the Irish Professional Photographers Association. Well, it would have to be a car enthusiast.

Mervyn Johnston was fastest on SS3. The cars cannot be modified except for some safety features.

Morrissey claims he has been snubbed by TV stations Second fastest was Nobby Reilly, who now has yet another rally car, this time, the eX-Noel Smith Cooper S, which he was conducting very effectively indeed.

Peter Capaldi has revealed he chose his new Doctor Who And whatever about Kay being able to take things in her stride, their two six-year-olds, Frankie and Isobel, needed more reassurance. She came out three times during the seven weeks I was in hospital. There was only one thing on their mind: He will be back for the Monte Carlo rally next year. If there was one thing we One year ago, Denise Gough was another actress hoping for her big break.


Dolan Escort TC 20pts. My father had one of them in the late Fifties.

When Frank was fit to travel he was flown home on a stretcher in an air ambulance very good value for insurance. Frank and Kevin Savage went to see their car about six months later and found the ski pole that had pierced his neck on the back seat. The start of the event, which was co-promoted by the Monaghan and Cavan Motor Clubs, was in Monaghan, where some 28 crews gathered before farnk off into the night to tackle a route ra,ly plenty of variety about it.

Doyle; 49 pts; 5, F.

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