June 6, 2020

Titans are still cheaper, though they lack for shaders Beautiful names from China This shows us that increased memory bandwidth, whilst increasing performance, isn’t the most important factor. Here we see a rough increase of about 4 frames per second across all resolutions from our initial increase in memory clock to the Ti speeds. The quality is great, the design is pleasant. The new clocks make no dent in the performance at x meaning that we need a CPU speed increase to get any more performance at x All of the rendering performance in UT comes from the host processor since UT spends a lot of time on the CPU doing calculations for the world objects actors in UT-speak such as lighting and physics.

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The engine runs incredibly fast on current hardware. Do you need it on a game accelerator?

I ripped off one of the RAM sinks to get a look at the memory; it is running at a confirmed 4ns. The chip looks very similar to the GeForce2 Ultra due to a metallic cover in the center. It’s very CPU limited as we’ll see with high card clocks doing very ti5000 for performance. In the bottom corner it lets you know that it is a Ti card.

For the comparative analyses we used the following cards: The new clocks make no dent in gainwad performance at x meaning that we need a CPU speed increase to get any more performance at x Again, like Quake 3 the engine is fairly old and runs terrifically on current hardware. By reading this site you agree to our cookie policy.


The card in question also has two modes: Firstly, the test system. It seems like Gainward have given us a golden sample this time.

This is standard stuff with regards to 3DMark on this type of platform, especially with a GF3 based graphics card like we have here. Let’s tear to pieces then Till recently such cards came with the Ri500 VideoStudio program t5i00 often displayed a black-and-white image in a video capture mode, and the copy protection MacroVision often took amateur sources as licensed ones.

Finally, going back to the Golden Sample aspect of things and taking a look at the name of the card, you can see that this card goes a bit further than the stock Ti clock speeds. With either card running all games out today at extremely playable speeds, the Gainward relies more on it’s other features to stand out. The 50Mhz increase in the memory clock gives us roughly a point just over infact increase.

The cards have a reputation of being solid overclockers, often going well beyond the rated specification and we’ll take a gxinward look at that later in the review. It’s good to finally see a company use some good thermal paste instead of those not so good TIMs. For estimation of 3D quality we used: It appears to be just a cosmetic tweak away from the sky-blue Special Edition. Gainard up we have Quake 3. Gainward guarantees that the card can work stably at these frequencies.


It’s a fast GPU with excellent features and runs all current games very well. Time for a new test? Well, in fact, it is the same processor whose technology was tweaked and now the percentage of non-defective chips is much higher and, therefore, the production costs are lower.

Gainward GeForce2 Ti/ XP Video Card Review

Therefore increased core clock on the Gainward should give us a decent increase in performance. But where are golden cards? Twice as much Ram and a name twice as long to match. Lack of game applications and normal software for the VIVO.

DVD playback, while not up to the quality of out test ATi Radeon was acceptable and very watchable. Finally, we have Aquamark.

NVIDIA GeForce2/3 Titanium Roundup – January 2002

Their 17 years of hardware experience has earned them the reputation of building the kind of fast overclocking video cards we look for in our computers. It demonstrates the level of the Leadtek GeForce2 Ultra.

It uses DirectX 8 for it’s rendering and makes good use of the new features that came with version 8 of the multimedia API.

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