June 16, 2020

Is there any way I can go from a cable box to a tuner to get all the channels I get on my cable box? We give away MediaPortal for free but hosting and software is not for us. If you minimize the WinTV Signal Strength Monitor, you will see an icon on the status bar on your PC screen normally this is in the lower right side of your monitor screen. It will show the Signal to Noise ratio, the number of Received Errors and the number of Uncorrectable errors. In this case, you might want to consider an antenna “booster” or a better TV antenna.

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June 2, 4. The USB devices are tempromental but once going they seem to do fine! You can plug the device directly into a USB port, but with a hard stick sticking out from the port, I am always afraid that I might accidentally put force on it and cause bdda to the device and my USB port. BigB January 20, Andrew HJune 1, There is only one driver that is listed and available for my tuner so I am assuming it is a 32 bit driver.


It will show you the colors of the signal strength. This multi-purpose audio splitter allows you to record and stream multi-player chat when using a Hauppauge game recorder and an Xbox One or PS4. Because the tuner works on other programs. When running this kernel version, loading of the firmware takes very long, and prevents 950qq from working properly. BowenacJune 2, Some distributions already bundle the firmware in the official repositories.

Hauppauge WinTV-HVR Q Setup

June 9, 8. The device comes with a foot-long USB extension cable which I find handy. So is there no way for me to get all the channels I get from Comcast onto my tuner. Overview Customers Company Other Products: I could have inserted the disk that came with the device and run installation from the DVD.

So I looked on the Hauppauge site and they claim to have an installer pack with the drivers For TV in a window or full screen on Windows 10, 8 and 7. Using the extender allows you to let the device rest on your desk instead of sticking out from your computer.

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This is a five digit number normally followed by a revision REV. Guess it is back to Media Center. So went from wall to a splitter from splitter to cable box and USB tuner.


I kinda new it didn’t make sense!!! Green – optimal signal level Yellow – O.

June 9, 7. I tried tuning bad some ATSC channels. I put them in order of sensitivity from worst to better. BowenacJune 9, I run a vcr through the component cable but can’t get jriver to see it. Includes StreamEez, Skipback and Facecam.

Support: Digital Signal Monitor

But that would not make much sense. Does TV Server work for anyone? Watch and record analog and digital TV on your PC or laptop. I recently bought a new that was on clearance due to being an old model, and its performance is better than any of the previous USB tuners I tried each of which was missing a different one important channel. StreamEez-Pro Professional video streaming made easy! It found all channels that I expected to find.

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