July 23, 2020

Skip to main content. But the only HP deskjet I had needed the hplip driver. February 07, , Make Model Driver Supported Works? And not always plug and play for the printer. Supported by the gt68xx backend. Scanjet C is an old flatbed stand alone scanner that uses sane “hp” backend which is supposed to be fully supported.

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Last edited by rng; at Buy Epson photo Scanner for 99p 5. It appears there are two of you with similar problem Other Canon backends have all been written by reverse engineering the scanners. Home Help Search Login Register. Scanket is overpotential customers per year you could be losing out on.

HP ScanJet 3300c Flatbed Scanner

Note VueScan is shareware, though if you are serious about film scanning then it is far superior to any of the SANE front ends and relatively cheap.

I’m not saying that it does work. A scanner that works with Linux It is an old-style scanner with a top that swings all the way back so scwnjet thick book can be laid on the scanning surface.

I have already included the dmesg output soon after connecting the scanner in my question. Epson have been very helpful with the development of the backend, to the point of providing documentation that’s not yet released.


The dmesg output will not show a scanner driver.

HP ScanJet c Flatbed Scanner | eBay

New USB device strings: You are linx to use the information on this page, provided that you clearly state the source of the information.

No backend currently exists or is known to be under development.

Launch your guest OS. All material is Copyright Jonathan Buzzard. Everything I know is shown in this page. Most of these models are supported by the HP OfficeJet Linux driver project sponsored by HP for printing, scanning, and photo-card access. This scanner uses the E3 chipset in common with hhp number of other scanners.

I initially had doubts but tried it and it worked well so I am regularly using this method now. Microtek have said that the has different internals to the, and More details and downloads can be seen here.

Linux – Hardware This forum is for Hardware issues. This scanner uses the E5 chipset as is unsupported at this point in time.

If you are in the market for a new USB scanner to use under Linux then Scannjet strongly recommend that you select an Epson scanner. Below is a list of models from different manufacturers and the status of any support that is available under Linux that I have compiled.


From my research into all this I believe HP all-in-ones use hpaio. The transparency adaptors of the Photo models are also supported. Further information on a SANE backend for these scanners can be found here. More details and source code can be found at http: Post as a guest Name.

I’ve tried to modify the. Currently not supported by any SANE backend. Following is the output of ‘dmesg’ command soon after connecting the scanner: However, this scanner does not have a power button and it derives its power from usb connection only. The steps to reinstall the driver note these steps are all performed with the XP system on the virtual PC, not the Windows 7 system: