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It will eventually have the same drift issues as the i1 Display LT, but if you store it in plastic ziplock bag with a desiccant pack in a cool dry place, it should stay reasonably accurate for a couple of years. The Eye-One is a simple, easy to use item that for me will pay for itself in a short time. K E Hoffman’s gear list. We’ve selected our favorite lenses for Sony mirrorlses cameras in several categories to make your decisions easier. I couldn’t believe the before and after shots of my screen after calibration. The solid lines are the LT and the dotted lines are the Pro.

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Yes, i know that ultimately the Display Pro is better, faster, etc but I just can’t afford it and I think having at least the ColorMunki makes sense instead of the Display LT. During an Aperture workshop, I explained what I use my printer for.

The columns are red, green, and blue. Using values that are just absolute measurements dE, or the measured xy difference doesn’t provide a good idea of if the meter is actually drifting over time, that that an interpretation of the reading is close to a known standard. That’s still not cheap.

All forums PC Talk Change forum. I called X-rite and they said i1displya all of the units are sold with the Display 2 software. It delivers an accurately profiled monitor with unrivaled controls for precise color work at home, or in the studio. Based on my research, it is also a colormeter, not a spectrometer. Hidden in the help list is a short paragraph that tells you the device will sense where it is on your screen, even if offset from center.


Each of the 24 colors represents the actual i1disp,ay of natural objects and reflects light just like its real-world counterpart. F Forum M My threads. If you have upgraded your computer to Windows 8 we do not have any drivers that have been tested and are compatible for this operating system.

For the i1 LT with the profiled correction: My LT profiles almost perfectly with my Pro.

I believe they only last a year or 2 from manufacture date and then need to be recalibrated. I couldn’t believe the before and after shots of my screen after calibration. Select your Country to begin. Calibrate monitors at multiple workstations with no additional licensing fees.

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X-Rite: EODLT : i1Display LT

This is an entry-level device, and its software does not allow you to store and use more than one profile at a time, thus one should remember that if one calibrated it with specific ambient light at your workplace, one should also use the monitor under the same light.

Submit a News Tip! With X-Rite i1Match software, users can breeze through calibration processes and can upgrade effortlessly as their color management needs expand. Otherwise, this calibrator is useless.

A white, gray and black target all on a single card make color adjustments and grading faster and easier with your photo processing or video editing software.


The included i1Match software has an intuitive interface that will walk you through each step i1disply calibrate and profile your monitors. Based on my monitor specs, I took a swag on the brightness setting before I started calibration.

Lightroom Classic slideshow video export hangs. My LCD controls bring up a display directly in the center of the screen and block proper function of the EYE1 as instructed to use, centering the device on the screen. The i1Display LT is the perfect solution for entry-level pros and discerning digital imaging professionals who desire accurate color on their monitor. I may be able to borrow a DTP from someone.

Rated 4 out of 5 by Anonymous from Easy to use, but has limitations Although I i1displlay had consistent color management with my main monitor, I was curious if a calibrator would be useful with several different monitors. I don’t think that it is necessary anymore to continue on about my specific meters.

X-Rite I1 Display LT Professional Monitor Calibration

AVS Forum articles Contests. The best lenses for Sony mirrorless cameras. How do I calibrate my Display2 using a spectro meter?

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