September 24, 2020

Back to top 19 Dutch2 Dutch2 Posts: Posted 05 April – Toutefois sur le site logitech ils expliquent qu’ils ne supportent pas le 64bit. Posted 11 April – The main trigger’s a bit on the soft side, and joystick itself tends to sway and flop around much more than your standard force feedback controller.

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I just want it to go to someone who will enjoy it like I once did.

The Force 3D, on the other hand, feels incredibly light, with the joystick itself feeling almost delicate. Posted 07 May – Sorry I can’t help further. Remember me This logjtech not recommended for shared computers. Posted 07 April – Back to top 17 Dutch2 Dutch2 Posts: Posted 08 May – Back to top 19 Dutch2 Dutch2 Posts: Because of its similarity to the SideWinder FFP, I had no problems with the default joystick configurations on any of the games.

The memory of winhman device forcee quite good at the time of the build, but now and with what game developers are doing, it’s very limited To extend the life of the product, we implemented ever-more complex tricks to get the device to transparently work as long as possible, but modern game effects continued to put more demand on the hardware.


The smooth push and pull of the joystick felt much more natural and realistic than the chunkier and not to mention louder reactions of the Microsoft SideWinder Force Feedback Pro. Windows could not find drivers for it. So lets hope somebody that does have this stick [and not the 3D version] can explain us more. Does the Force feedback actually work on this stick.

The WingMan Force may feel cumbersome on a desk, but there was no doubt of the quality and engineering that lay beneath the plastic.

The Logitech WingMan Force won a lot of praise for its incredible cable-driven force feedback system, and for good reason.

anybody using the old Logitech wingman force in 64bit OS

Anyone interested in purchasing my old wingman force. Posted 05 April – I started out trying the Force 3D in Starlancer, Bang!

Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Like the guy here at the forum who wanting to sell his, is not reacting to my question. Posted 22 October – Yeah, those that Dutch pointed out.


Logitech Wingman Force 3d Joystick – | eBay

Please log in to reply. Could you please share your experience here or by pm. Many people prefer them, although in my case I just own them for backup purposes I found them for sale real cheap. Like to know if a RoF player here, is using this Joystick in win8. Posted 30 April – The force reacted instantly from the first time I started all of the games.

About game User Agreement Privacy Policy. Unfortunately, Logitech seems to have sacrificed a sense of weight and quality with this new “3D” line of gamepads and sticks. So I confirm there is a reason to worry, but I have no answer.

I think I stopped using that old logitech cuz it had such a huge footprint but really liked the FFB effects. Posted 10 April – It kind of goes together.

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