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It’s interesting that the UK’s Computer Music Magazine, which writes about music creation on PC, published the results of polling of its readers. So what must be done is uninstall the old drivers before installing the new drivers just to be safe. Harmonics are almost absent! M-Audio Audiophile overview. I highly recommend this card for all types of use, for beginners as well as experts in all situations. Did you find this review helpful? Newbie with Much To Learn I have not yet really used it yet.

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The About tab indicates the version of the drivers and of the Control Panel. The Audiophile is real nice. Had one in another machine for past couple years. This card was designed to be plugged into a mixing board or a preamp 22496 your inputs and studio monitors for the output. Overview Topics Products People Change log. I failed to test the digital interfaces by connecting the input and output.

Much less noisy than on-board sound system, particularly audiopbile recording line-in signals. M-audio audio interface, windows 7, different preamp-amp setups, and I prefer auditioning through paradigm monitor 7 speakers.

I don’t remember exactly how much latency I encountered with this card I do remember that whatever latency i did experience wasn’t enough to hurt my music creating experience especially with the use of ASIO4ALL.


All user reviews for the M-Audio Delta Audiophile 24/96

Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from M-Audio still works great – I am using the product for multitrack recording with various software depending on my needs. Bundle a complete and prix. But it’s possible that someone audiophule would like the M-Audio Audiophile more.

Harmonics are almost absent!

Thanks for the tip. Abbleton, Cubase 5 and others. It also worked immediately on Ubuntu Linux without any configuration.

The sound from the card goes into my stereo. I recorded three tracks after about 15 minutes fooling with it I had one for years but a Tampa storm zapped it right through the surge protection.

M-Audio Audiophile PCI () Sound Card | eBay

Installation was a breeze. Latency is imperceptible, even under 44khz. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Reason Cubase Ableton live Sonar Mostly reason but I had to run over to the daws and audiopgile my vinyl records from my turntable because at this point and time reason didn’t record audio.

Great sound quality in both playback and recording! Input into the card for digitizing an lp played on a turntable gives an excellent recording.

M-Audio Audiophile PCI Digital Recording B&H

Delta cards support all computer platforms and major software programs. Create a new topic About this Question I’m sticking with Linux, open software and open hardware from now on.


Question number of tracks, I’ve never pushed to its limits Windows 7 64bit takes a lot longer to boot when the is in the PCI slot. With PCI, there is no latency, period.

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I use – With my microphone, shure type scene, a wide behringer diaphragm, a pair samson kind audiphile through different preamps Mackie console, preamp tube BlueTube and jackson ; – Synchronized spdif with my POD X3 Livewhich allows me to use 4 inputs simultaneously.

Had me a little confused on some things inside the configuration of it, but we figured it out, found out what everything meant and went from there. For the loopback we used a short OFC microphone cable with gold-plated connectors.

I took this card because I wanted a PCi and above that is well supported by Linux.

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