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Apr 16, Posts: In Seti I get 2: Hey guys, time for my quarterly posting. Sat Jul 03, Rock ‘n’ Roll on. Keep it in 4 wheel.

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m952 rev 1.3b anakart

I’m gonna see if I can get this computer OCed a bit more and still get it to run stable. Wed Dec 15, I’m sure your wife is too!

Seems the 1Mb cache makes almost no difference at all. The pointer to your problem is that the chip is already a fsb part so should do with ease.

The Rolling Stones – Crank it up!

Anyway, a few weeks crunching and wu times are no different from ‘normal’ P4’s. Sun Aug 29, 6: Watch out for voltage “wobble” on some boards and sometimes you need to drop the multi to up the bus. The lower part of the fridge can be opened just as much so you can pull out a beer. It got thrown behind a firewall and blocked, unfortunately I only had it cache for 20 WU But good news is that’s an additional 20 WU to my production and an extra 2 or 3 every few days.


Keep it in 4 wheel.

PC-CHIPS M REV: B Socket Motherboard |

I bought a ‘job lot’ of PCChips M – rev 1. Wed Nov 10, 4: Nov 22, Posts: The initial test this morning went fine. Hi guys, the farm’s been off-line for a while, so zero WU’s for the last few days. Shawn swinging rally monkey.

So my daily production should come up just a bit. At least it brings us back to 9 contributors. Hi HopeSM, Keep the dumps coming! Thu Dec 16, 8: Mon Dec 06, Lyf Ars Centurion Registered: I know we are now about 8. That sounds good HopeSM. Sat Sep 25, 9: Tue Nov 09, 6: Yep – 6 of us have stopped producing, including two of our “heavy hitters”, so there ya are.

The Rolling Stones – Crank it up! – Ars Technica OpenForum

Hey guys, time for my quarterly posting. I have a few things for rrv in the agora, if anyone wants anything let me know. Aug 30, Posts: Now it’s my turn to be away for two weeks, don’t like it. It was getting a bit lonely at times: Mon Aug 23, 4: I lost my main producer over the weekend so I’m waiting on a replacement mobo to get it back up and running. Feb 16, Posts:

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