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For an alternative method of inserting dynamically generated streamed content, see the example DynamicContentStream. Point-In-Time Queries Point-in-time queries allow you to query older versions of content in a database. A SessionID cookie looks similar to the following: You specifically agree not to transfer, export or re-export the Product i to any country to which the U. More information about our privacy practices can be found here: The application may call Session. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, MarkLogic grants to You a limited, non-transferable, non-exclusive, internal use license to install, access, start and use MarkLogic software in binary executable form “Software” , related documentation “Documentation” and, if you are a Faculty Member or Student, training manuals and materials provided to you by MarkLogic for academic or training purposes “Training Materials”.

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This exception is more likely to occur when using multi-statement transactions. You can the results of your query in the usual way. Nature of a transaction: The server certificate command line parameter may be any of the following: No further action is required. Note that there is a difference between returning native JavaScript objects and arrays returning JSON nodes from the database:.

If the heuristic decision was remembered by setting the remember parameter of xdmp: URI and one or more file pathnames of documents to load. You agree that You markpogic not a citizen, national, or resident of, and are not under control of, the government of Cuba, Iran, Republic of Sudan, North Korea, Syria, Crimea, nor any country to which the United States has prohibited export.

Multi-Statement Transactions By default, all transactions run as single-statement, auto-commit transactions. XCC allows you to create multi-tier applications that communicate with MarkLogic Server as the underlying content repository. This remembered state is automatically cleaned up if the global transaction eventually completes with the same outcome as the heuristic decision. If the global transaction outcome does not agree with the heuristic decision, you may need to do the following to clean up the heuristic decision: This program allows you to invoke a module on the server.


Package com.marklogic.xcc

You can use AdhocQuery and Session. You set up the connection details with the ContentSource object. ContentLoader This program loads the specified document in the database. If You use the Product or any of the Applications You develop under this license for any internal data processing or for any commercial or production purposes, or You want to use marklogi Product for any purpose other than as permitted under this Agreement, You must obtain a production release version of the Product by contacting Matklogic to obtain the appropriate license and pay MarkLogic any and all fees associated with such license.

XCC for MarkLogic 8 — MarkLogic Developer Community

Source code and compiled classes for these examples are included separately in the distribution zip file. The 3rd parameter indicates whether markolgic not to commit. In order to download and use this MarkLogic software you are required to accept the MarkLogic Developer License Agreement and install a license key.

This is a staitc helper class with some common code routines used by the examples in this package. This Agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of California, United States of America, without regard to conflicts of laws provisions thereto, and You and MarkLogic agree to submit to the personal and exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located within the county of San Mateo, California, United States of America.


Individual results may only be read once and on demand, so the result set consumes less memory, at the cost of less efficient access.

(MarkLogic XML Content Connector For Java (XCC/J) v)

Failure to explicitly commit or rollback a multi-statement update transaction can tie up resources, hold locks unnecessarily, and increase the chances of marklogiic. You do not need to set the property if your XCC application does not use multi-statement transactions or if your application communicates with MarkLogic Server version matklogic.

Under such circumstances, the administrator may heuristically complete a branch of the global transaction to release resources. The commands to launch the sample programs in this section assume you have renamed these jar files to xcc.

I have this code: A sequence of ResultItem values as returned from a query or module execution. To use XCC, there are several basic things you need to do in your Java code:. Before you run the sample applications, complete the following steps:. The following is a sample command to run the Scc class:. The multi-statement transaction code is wrapped in a retry loop with an exception handler that waits between retry attempts.

For example, the following code snippet evaluates an ad hoc Server-Side JavaScript query that retrieves a JSON document from the database, and then accesses the value in the document’s ‘num’ property as an integer:. This section describes how to use a simple Trust Manager for X.