June 5, 2020

The Marvell community is committed to corporate social responsibility by developing low-power technologies. And this is later with your image on a different system: What does “Rename Marvell Components” in the title mean? I must warn you that it is missing all inner Firmware components yes, Marvell is calling the whole image a Firmware and also an internal component as Firmware , which might not be important for non-RAID controllers, but it is also missing the Loader, which is a component present in all other Firmwares. Zitat von lordkag im Beitrag Oh wow, that was quick support!

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I am running out of ideas and you should definitely backup the firmware from your new card, for your own personal safety, but also for my research. The reason mentioned above will be used. I edited my post per your recommendations. Now it is in the state that it prevents computer from booting up if installed to a pci-e slot.

Sun Dec 20, 3: But I will say this again: Luckily, the guys and girls from Station-Drivers had a 92xx firmware released for Until then, I will try to assemble new images, leaving out the internal Firmware.

The rest of the components seem universal with 91xx and 92xx distinctionas I have seen them in different images for different controllers. There is the delay at boot and controller detected in OS but no drives.


I have access to a programmer device, so if the image can be somehow built to be programmed to the Madvell flash my card has Macronix MX25LE probably that could be used to recover it? It is the result of many hours of hex comparison and disassembly, I can detect almost all useful informations.

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me with this!

This is by far the most detailed forum about the issues of that particular board, really not deserving the Asus brand You better use the automatic flasher, type “go -fdid ” from DOS. Since I don’t know which component is impending card functionality, I will try to go to lower firmware versions, with as few modifications as possible.

FYI, I’ve ordered a second card of the same type that will hopefully offer the ultimate solution to this problem.

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If one works, then we might try to upgrade one component at a time. I will try your images and post back the results. No, you can’t and you shouldn’t ask for a specific firmware version, unless you experience bugs with the versions I attached.

I have never updated the firmware and it appears to be a pretty old one: Quickly and easily view product specs, compare various solutions, and print out select product information. I do not dare running the update routine, seeing the tool cannot even read the current flash!


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These are info that you now have access, they might help, whether you or even me don’t see anything useful in them. Try running the backup again. So there are today’s findings, sorry if I missed something important to report. Mon Nov 02, 6: The Autoload has a section for subsystem ID.

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Fernando Show info Posts:. Mad Milkyway, looney town. Fernando Show info Posts:. It would have been helpful to post the entire screen 91120 MSU, to see if all the components are properly detected.

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What is the python tool you use to dump the sections of a BIOS image for those boards? Make sure you shutdown after flashing. It’s a pity that’s impossible to look at the chip because it’s hidden under the chipset cooler which it’s not removable.

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