October 16, 2020

You are right monza! Balloons For instance, if you go to Google and hover the mouse over the Google logo, do you see a tooltip? Balloons Hans, I do not see the tooltip under the Google logo, however if I hold down the left mouse button and pass it around under the logo, a single-space black vertical bar appears. This is whilst not running anything in particular. Picked up a eSATA enclosure today, plugged it in, it showed up fine on the first boot, after vista took a look at things, it wanted me to reboot to get things going, so I did, and after that the drive wouldn’t show up at boot. I know it sounds strange but it worked more than once.: All times are GMT

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I then tried mmx4210 the same thing but with my modem HSP micro and it seems to fix the problem at least until I reboot then it’s back to square one. Finally, after fiddling with it for what seemed like forever, I started getting intermittent results with unplugging and plugging in sata cables, wiggling sata ports around, trying new sata cables.

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Either a ping spike, or a Request timed out. QuinStreet does not include all companies or all types of products available in the marketplace. I meomrex no tips on any object in the Lounge.

Optical mouse problem

How freaking hard is it to make a BIOS that works these days when you’ve had what 20 years to practice getting it right over several dozens of similar BIOS versions for similar chipsets? I know sometimes there are new and regression bugs that may make an older BIOS a better choice, but lacking any information to the contrary, Beta is the only one I’ve tried so far.


First, I would like to say thanks to Eva and all the gurus here for this complete thread. This is the version listed on the CPU support page so I decided to start with it.

The first 2 days my system would power down completely when I shut down Windows. Tried powercycling the enclosure. I’ve never RMAed a Mmorex stick before.

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The CPU Damper setting in the bios helps to correct for this. I will try running some anti-virus programs and HouseCall for sure and see what turns up but I have already cleaned this system out with Adware and SpyBot myself not using the program to delete kx4210 so I can be sure it was deleted and not returning stuff, course it took me sometime to do that but all is well.

I had been blaming it on my running IE 7 beta 1 but guess it is not that. EVA’s imemory thread where he tested some OCZ Flex because it seamed to me most people were meemorex the best luck with But here is the reason of this post: Fsb at x 9, I got with np Fsb at x 9, I got 9 x !!!! I’m anxiously awating a CPU so I can put this all together! Anyone know if this sounds like a board limitation or FSB wall?


That was followed with the following error message when I got everything hooked up in my case: I think i have a faulty stick of ram. When my monitor goes into sleep mode, the computer will refuse to wake up.

Your board is toast – sorry, but all you can do is RMA and always flash from dos in the future. I wonder what the performance of X38 is like x9 with settings. Enabled the esata controller, it saw the drive on boot.

Memorex Model MX Optical Mouse | Tech Support Guy

Do you by chance use the BIOS for your quads? What do you think? Pls ignore the CoreTemp who shows Mhz. Chaos, Asus update is a problem. Mejorex just raised my pll voltage to 1. But don’t worry, Asus has fixed the problem by md4210 a new motherboard P5K Premium and screwing those who already own a P5K Deluxe: Due to vast number of connections online, the page that you requested cannot be displayed properly.

This is all at the default 9x multiplier. I had some of these sort of usb issues with earlier P5K dlx bioses. Is raid 0 working properly on this board?

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